BETHY is a singer/songwriter/artist from the U.K. She started writing and singing at a very young age. Being part of a musical family, she grew up listening to a diverse range of music which inspired her to become a unique artist. After getting her first guitar at age 11, a gift from her Dad, it became apparent that she had natural songwriting abilities.

She then built a small studio with a vocal booth in her wardrobe closet where she spent countless days writing/recording a number of deeply personal songs before deciding to share some on Soundcloud.

The electric guitar based demos and her mesmerising vocals gained such a positive response which fuelled her ambition to be a singer/songwriter.

Tai (Producer, 4db records owner), then worked with BETHY, to fully produce numerous songs in a very short space of time.

“BETHY is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter, who loves to be involved in all aspects of music/video production” – Tai